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How Studio Night Saved my Marriage

Self care is the most important thing that a professional helper can do. This is what we try and teach our clients daily. This article expresses how a couple was able to find peace amidst the chaos in their daily lives. This simple idea would be beneficial to offer counseling to couples, as well as, to allow myself to remember this article when I am married in August and when I eventually have my own children. Studio Night for all could be highly beneficial!


How Studio Night Saved my Marriage.

Finding Happiness

Imagine focusing only on the here and now. This blog inspires me to travel and identify what is really important in life. Teaching our clients to focus on the present moment is a daily struggle. However, once we are able to allow our client’s to understand the importance of this moment they can grow an appreciation of their emotions and their inner selves.


Finding Happiness.

Sawdust never looked so good

This article reminds me of Andy Goldsworthy’s work with nature. I love the idea that after you create an image the elements of the environment transform it. Although the piece is eventually blown away the pictures last a lifetime. I could see adapting this idea of sawdust into an art therapy technique that allows the clients to understand that everything changes and nothing is permanent.

Sawdust never looked so good.