He Wrote It Down.

This story shows strength, love and support on various levels. These women truly show what courage is and that it can never be taken away. The policeman in this story shows a man of love and support. This is a man that truly deserves his title of protection in a community where devastation has incurred.

In Others' Words...

Our intention was to dance on his grave.


My beautiful cousin, who I’d not seen in 35 years, and I set out to dance on our grandfather’s grave. Our first dilemma was, of course, song choice. You have to have the right song. We bandied a few song titles about, Alanis Morrisette was a front runner.


We drove to the town where he lived, and where he is buried. We drove to the town where we were abused. Driving down the picturesque New England roads, I felt a little faint. Mary felt a little barfy. We pulled into a store parking lot, and Mary spent some quality time behind a dumpster, hurling. It happens.

We weren’t entirely sure where the cemetery was, so we pulled into a police station to ask for directions. I said, jokingly, We should go in and file a police report. Mary said, What would…

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About Nicole Schryer

My mother engrained in me the benefits of the creative process combined with helping others. I am currently working as a Counselor and Art Therapist helping children ages 5-16 understand and gain control over their symptoms of their mental health diagnosis through Beech Brook. This is an amazing workplace that truly puts client’s needs first. I graduated from Ursuline College where I have learned how to be a professional through my internship experiences and now career. I previously have worked with adolescents in a residential setting. I enjoyed allowing these teens a safe space to share their feelings and emotions. My internship in a hospice setting was influential. I would love to work with this population somewhere down the line. This was my way of giving back. Hospice was amazing when I lost my mother six years ago due to colon cancer. I hope I will be able to offer support to the best of my abilities like my previous counselors, supervisors, and professors have helped me. View all posts by Nicole Schryer

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