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Happiness a Running Definition

Happiness what is it?

The dictionary describes happiness as the state of being happy. Good fortune, pleasure, contentment or joy.

Happiness can happen in years, months, days, and moments. The year of 16 was forever happiness. I never knew that my mother was dying. I was free to go to the beach, drive and my biggest struggle was telling a boy that I liked him. Then my mother was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. My world changed when I was 18 years old. Happiness would shine every now and then, but I struggled to find this piece of mind daily. Eventually she passed a way and I met the man who I would spend the rest of my life with. I had mixed feelings of sadness and happiness. We then dated for 5 years before we got engaged. I then experienced the happiest day of my life. This consisted of 2/3 of my day where I was genuinely ecstatic and happy. Our wedding day was when I had felt true bliss. I was happy beyond belief and did not have a care in the world. This occurred August 2013. Since these high moments in my life my happiness seems to come and go. Sometimes my happiness can last for days other times it lasts for an hour. What is left when happiness has disappeared? Sadness, grief, anger, irritability, exhaustion, anxiousness, and etc. are some of the feelings that emerge when my happiness dissipates.

My question is, “How do I gain happiness daily?” Articles have told me that I need to stop dwelling. I have learned CBT due to my education and career in counseling. I still struggle with finding true happiness to fill my days. I then remember things that I have heard in passing, “If we didn’t know sadness we would not know happiness,” and “This is a mindset of thinking positive and not negative.” These are great sentiments, but how do people put these into effect to increase happiness 100% of the time. Is this possible?

Over the next year I will be posting friends, family, associate and stranger’s perspectives on happiness. My goal is to develop my definition of happiness, as well as increase my personal happiness on any given day.

Here is my first entry:

Jackie Lombard: “Happiness is a state of mind, People live in that state. Perceive that they are doing it. This is a sense of calm and confident. What it comes down to is belief in self. You are not questioning yourself. You’re living in your own personal ethics that is very close to happiness. You are just happy to be out there.”

Second Entry:

Lauren Mailey: “Happiness is the duality of life; accepting the Yin and the Yang, the high and the low and being comfortable with the fact you’re not always going to be happy. Happiness is accepting life; It means the waves, they come in and go out; it’s accepting that life is about the back and forth, masculine and feminine, the good and the bad a balancing act. It’s being okay when times are bad because you know that things will be good again. Accepting the duality of life.”

Third Entry:

Jenn Shannon: “Happiness is truly doing what you want to do at that moment in your life. That’s it.”